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What activity can be performed under a contract for specific work exempted from the health insurance premium?

Pursuant to the Act of 29 October 2021 amending the Personal Income Tax Act, the Corporate Inco

What are the types of companies under Polish law?

According to article 1 paragraph 2 of the Polish Commercial Companies Code commercial companies shall include: a registered partnership, a professional partnership, a limited partnership, a limited joint-stock partnership, a limited liability company and a joint-stock company.

Binding effect of an electronic offer

According to the article 66 (1) paragraph 1 of the

Amount of bonus for overtime work in Poland

In addition to regular remuneration, a bonus for overtime work shall be paid in the amount of:

Length of annual leave in Poland

In accordance with article 152 paragraph 1 of the Polish Labour Code, an employee is entitled to an annual, continuou

Personal rights and their protection in polish law

In pursuance of article 23 of the Polish Civil Code, a man’s personal rights, notably his health, liber

When a missing person may be declared dead in polish law?

In pursuance of article 29 of the Polish Civil Code, a missing person may be declared dead if the perio

Agreement of waiver of right of inheritance

Article 1048 of the Polish Civil Code regulates the agreement of waiver of right of inheritance.

Employee non-competition agreement in Poland

A non-competition agreement may be concluded with the employee for the duration of the period of employment or after

Who and how can appoint a proxy in Poland?

A proxy is a special type of a power of attorney, because it can be granted only by entrepreneurs obligated to be ent

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