Third-party liability insurance of legal adviser – guarantee of legal security.

All our legal advisers are covered by the mandatory third-party liability insurance for legal advisers under the agreements signed via the National Chamber of Legal Advisors with the PZU Insurance Company. The insurance covers damages caused while performing legal assistance-related activities, and notably: rendering legal advice, making legal opinions, developing draft laws and appearing in court or before authorities, resulting from action or negligence on the part of legal advisers throughout the insurance cover period. What is important is the fact that the insurance company cannot limit contractually in any manner the indemnity paid. EUR 100,000 is the guaranteed sum of the mandatory third-party liability insurance for one event with consequences covered by the insurance agreement concluded individually with each legal adviser of our Law Firm. Further, each legal adviser is covered by additional third-party liability insurance of EUR 250,000.

Besides the individual mandatory third-party liability insurance of legal advisers, our Law Firm (and thus, all our legal advisers) is covered by a special surplus third-party liability insurance whose guaranteed sum is PLN 1,000,000. That this insurance is a surplus one means that the liability thereunder occurs when the sums guaranteed by other third-party liability insurance agreements have been consumed, unless a given insurance accident is not covered by any other insurance of that type. This insurance covers damages to the same extent as the mandatory insurance does, but the insurer also pays the costs of pre-trial proceedings like mediations, court fees or expert commissions, among other costs. This broad insurance coverage guarantees security of legal assistance provision by legal advisers of our Law Firm. At the same time, it is an important means whereby we can protect the interests of our clients.


Document safety:

At our Law Firm, documents are stored in duly secured rooms, equipped with the system of direct communication with the police and fire brigade in case of burglary or fire.

Confidentiality of information:

Our legal advisers and legal trainees are obliged to keep secret anything they learned in connection with legal assistance provision; the said obligation is not limited in time.