Our Code of Conduct

We provide our clients with legal assistance. Legal assistance is oriented at protecting the interests of our clients from the legal point of view. Profession of a legal adviser is a public trust profession; its compliance with the provisions of law and the Rules of Professional Ethics is assured by the supervision of the legal advisers' corporation, while non-compliance may give rise to disciplinary responsibility before the corporation’s authorities.

Legal assistance is rendered by qualified Legal Advisers registered with the Council of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Katowice. The legal trainees employed by our Law Firm are also registered with the above Council and remain under the supervision of the legal advisers' corporation. At the same time, their work is monitored by lawyers from our Law Firm being their mentors.

Our lawyers perform their professional duties independently from any external influence, since trust in the lawyer is the cornerstone of representation of client’s interest. Legal advisers and trainees are obliged to keep secret anything they learn in the course of legal assistance provision; this obligation is not limited in time.

Our lawyers reject a case or refrain from taking the same or withdraw therefrom whenever there may occur a conflict of interests between Law Firm’s clients. They cannot render legal assistance facilitating crime commitment or allowing for avoidance of criminal liability for an offence that may be committed in the future.

We offer

  • Permanent legal assistance within a defined limit of hours for a monthly flat fee.
  • Permanent legal assistance without a defined monthly limit of hours, provided as commissioned and settled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ad-hoc legal assistance provided as commissioned by the client.
  • Legal assistance and advice is provided in keeping with the agreement signed with the client.

We guarantee

  • Professionalism and due diligence.
  • Keeping secret confidential information.
  • Avoiding conflict of interest of our clients.
  • Cooperation with foreign lawyers before Polish courts.