What do we do

We offer legal assistance:

  • We provide written advice and verbal consultations on law;
  • We draft legal advice and prepare expert opinions about legal matters;
  • We develop drafts of any legal deeds, including but not limited to: contracts, agreements, settlements, letters of intent, resolutions, bylaws and regulations;
  • We represent or assist our clients in negotiations;
  • We represent our clients under the power of attorney before courts, authorities and other bodies as well as file claims, petitions and applications therewith or make appeals and prepare any other relevant correspondence.

Our Activity:

A Law Firm is not a Law Office.

  • We provide legal assistance and advice to all entities present in legal trade; in other words: legal entities, organisations other than legal entities and private individuals, both in the matters pertaining to their business or profession as well as to private affairs;
  • We defend our clients in offence claims, disciplinary proceedings and the proceedings relating to collective business liability;
  • We represent wronged parties, claimants, private complainants, parties bound by alternative liability and intervening parties, also in criminal or fiscal and criminal proceedings, offence claims, and also collective business liability proceedings;
  • We do not handle cases concerning family or guardianship law, nor do we defend private individuals accused of crime or fiscal crime (unlike a Law Office).

Our lawyers represent clients as holders of a power of attorney:

  • before courts of any instance; in civil law, labour law or criminal proceedings; before the Supreme Court, regional administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, Constitutional Tribunal and arbitration courts;
  • in administrative proceedings before the governmental and local authorities, both of first instance and appeal authorities (before authorities of cities, communities, districts as well as before marshal or regional authorities; in ministries and before central authorities; before local appeal authorities, in revenue offices and tax chambers);
  • in execution proceedings – in court and before administrative authorities.