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Our Law Firm


 Our honesty, reliability and professionalism guarantee legal security for our clients.

  • 1997

    Establishment of a law firm

    Our Law Firm was founded in 1997 in Katowice by Zenon Klatka, a legal adviser with forty years’ experience. In the years 1999 – 2006, Zenon Klatka ran the Law Firm as a civil liability company together with another legal adviser, Jędrzej Klatka.
  • 2007


    After transformed into a partnership, since 2007 our Law Firm – Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Klatka i partnerzy – has been a partnership of three lawyers: Zenon Klatka, Jędrzej Klatka and Michał Kuźniak. We also have a few cooperating lawyers and trainees.

  • 2022

    Stable growth

    For the last years (since 1 January 2002) we have provided 1448 clients with legal assistance. Among them, there are 189 entrepreneurs and public finance sector entities, including 25 joint-stock companies and several dozen limited-liability companies, registered partnerships and civil law companies.



Our Lawyers have assisted state-owned entities and the state-owned special purpose fund, whose tasks include but are not limited to environmental protection and conservation of nature, as well as businesses from the waste treatment sector. Furthermore, our lawyers represented clients in administrative proceedings concerning environmental protection and waste treatment regulations.

We rendered legal assistance to numerous entities obliged to abide by the public procurement law. For example, in the year 2006, our lawyers represented Principals in practically 10 cases before the Team of Arbiters of the Public Procurement Office.

Further, our lawyers assisted entities from the public finance sector: stated-owned businesses of the State Treasury, state-owned legal entities and an inter-commune association. While working for this sector, they responded to questions of audit committees, Supervisory Boards, inspectors from the Regional Accounting Chamber, appealed against post-inspection presentations and recommendations; participated in supervisory proceedings conducted by the provincial governor; represented a manager of the inspected entity who was accused of violating the fiscal discipline and the like.

Our lawyers are experienced in conducting proceedings before administrative courts and commercial courts of law; we have made several dozen lawsuits in labour courts. Our partners have represented many clients in administrative and court and administrative proceedings: before town authorities, district authorities and fiscal chambers, at the Silesian Regional Office, before the Regional Administrative Court in Gliwice and the National Administrative Court in Warsaw.