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Amount of bonus for overtime work in Poland

In addition to regular remuneration, a bonus for overtime work shall be paid in the amount of:

  1. 100% of remuneration for overtime work performed:
    1. at night,
    2. on Sundays and public holidays which are not working days for an employee, pursuant to the work schedule an employee is obliged to obey,
    3. on a day off granted to an employee in exchange for work on Sunday or on a holiday, pursuant to the employee's work schedule,
  2. 50% of remuneration – for overtime work performed on any other day than specified above.

A bonus – equal to 100% of remuneration – shall also be due to an employee for each hour of overtime work if it exceeded an average weekly working time standard in the adopted settlement period, unless the excess was a result of overtime work for which the employee is entitled to a bonus for overtime which exceeded the standard of daily working time.

Remuneration which serves as the basis for calculation of the aforementioned bonus, shall include remuneration of an employee under the employee's individual rate determined by an hourly or monthly rate, and when such component of remuneration was not specified at the time when terms of remuneration were agreed – 60% of remuneration.

In the case of employees who conduct work outside of the work establishment on a regular basis, remuneration together with the aforementioned bonus, may be replaced with a lump sum, payable in an amount corresponding to the envisaged overtime work.

(Article 151[1] of the Polish Labour Code)

Legal status:4th June 2014

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