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My business partner in Poland does not pay

When your business partners do not pay?

The majority of entrepreneurs have problems with unreliable business partners. When you have to demand payment, then before going to court you have to send your business partner a call to pay. For developing a pre-trial call, we charge a fee of PLN 100 net. If your debtor pays the debt or its part upon receiving the call, the gross fee is increased with 5% of the amount paid by the debtor.

If your debtor does not respond to the call made and you have to go to court, then for the trial procedure we charge net the minimal rate set forth in the Regulation on Fees of Legal Counsels and bearing the costs of legal assistance provided by public legal counsels by the State Treasury by the Minister of Justice, which is:


Case value: Minimum rate: Including:
Up to PLN 500 PLN 60 20 minutes of work
From PLN 500 to PLN 1.500 PLN 180 1 hour of work
From PLN 1.500 to PLN 5.000 PLN 600 3 hours of work
From PLN 5.000 to PLN 10.000 PLN 1.200 6 hours of work
From PLN 10.000 to PLN 50.000 PLN 2.400 12 hours of work
From PLN 50.000 to PLN 200.000 PLN 3.600 18 hours of work
From PLN 200.000 PLN 7.200 36 hours of work

If the court trial proves long-lasting and the time devoted to the proceedings, development of trial-related letters, meetings, phone calls and electronic mailing exceeds the time given in the above table, then for each extra hour of work we charge the net fee of PLN 200.

We charge an advance payment being the minimum rate, plus 22% VAT, at the time you commission us to file a lawsuit and provide trial representation.

For the case of key significance for our client, we also negotiate a so-called success bonus with the client apart from the above fee. The bonus is paid only when the case is won and varies from 0.5% to 10% of the case value.